S.K. Jha

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  • QualificationsB.Sc. Engg.(Electrical) (Honors), M.E.(Electrical), Ph. D.
  • DesignationProfessor
  • DivisionInstrumentation and Control Engineering
  • E-Mailjhask2@yahoo.co.in


Dr. S. K. Jha received his B.Sc.Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur with distinction marks and M.E. degree in Control & Instrumentation from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University in 1994 and 2003 respectively. He was awarded Ph. D from University of Delhi, Delhi in 2014. He joined the industry (U.B.Engineering Ltd) in 1995 and Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) as a Lecturer in 1999. Currently he is holding the post of Assistant Professor in the Instrumentation & Control engineering Department at N.S.I.T, New Delhi. His research interests include optimal control, robust control, bio-inspired control and electric drives etc. He has published more than twenty papers in international and national journal and conferences. He has guided nearly fifty B. Tech and M. Tech students at NSIT. He has served as visiting faculty in C.B.P. Govt. Engineering College, Jaffarpur, N. Delhi and in MERI College of Engineering & Technology, Bahadurgarh, Haryana with due permission from the competent authority. He has discharged many administrative responsibilities such as Assistant Hostel Warden, Member B.E. Admission Committee, Member, Library Action Committee, Member Horticulture Committee and Public Information Officer in RIT Cell etc. He has been Member, Committee of Courses & Studies, Faculty of Technology, University of Delhi and Director’s Nominee for different work related to store and purchase section of NSIT. He had been appointed as Nodal Officer under the aegis of Delhi University Smoke Free Initiative (DUSFI) where he worked very intensively to rid the campus completely from smoking. He actively participated in sports activity of NSIT and won many medals such as Gold and Silver. He has been NCC Cadet in his college days of B.C.E. Bhagalpur and got the prestigious NCC. B Certificate. In the face of burgeoning case of inhuman activity world over his current interest extends to discovering and revealing the intertwined link between science and spirituality. He is a Life Member of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and member of IEEE. He is life member of Institution of Engineers, India and Swadeshi Science Movement of India also.


Areas of Interest

Control Engineering, Electrical Machine


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