Ranjana Jha

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  • QualificationsM.Sc., Ph.D.
  • DesignationProfessor and Head
  • DivisionPhysics
  • Contact No.91-11-25000187, +91-9810210255
  • E-Maildrranjanajha@gmail.com, ranjana@nsit.ac.in


Prof. Ranjana Jha, Department of Physics, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, has been actively involved in research and teaching in the field of Solar Energy materials and Applied Physics. Received Lifetime Achievement award in Science, Venus International Women Awards, 2017 conferred by Centre for Women Empowerment-CWE of Venus International Foundation. IMRF Achievers Award 2018 in Applied Physics has been conferred by The International    Multidisciplinary Research foundation.

She has served as a member of Board of Research Studies of FOT (DU), member of Academic Council, NSIT, addition to being a chairman / member of various other committees at Institute and University level. Prof. Ranjana has also long experience in handling different academic and administrative responsibilities at NSIT.

She is founder and in-charge of Research Lab for Energy Systems at Department of Physics. Her research interest is Solar Energy Materials and Solar Energy Utilization, Development of Nano-structured thin film Solar cells and Characterization of Energy Materials for Device Applications. 

Several postgraduate students have been awarded Ph.D degree and at present many students are pursuing their respective Ph.D under her supervision in Solar Energy materials and utilization and published their research work in SCI Indexed journals under the umbrella of Research Lab for Energy Systems. Several students of B.Tech and M.Sc., level have worked under her supervision for their research projects required by their respective University.


Published 93 manuscripts in reputed international/national journals and proceedings. The papers authored/ co-authored by her, have received best paper prize, best oral and poster award, innovative pitch speaker at various national/ international conferences. 

Undertaken several research projects from AICTE, DST, PCRA and MNRE. The project proposal submitted by her in the International Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge, Elsevier was selected in top 53 proposals. 

She has been awarded the certificate of Outstanding Reviewer twice, (2014 & 2016) by Solar Energy Journal, Elsevier. She has been reviewer of several journals and conferences held in India and Abroad.

She is Nodal Officer, Solar Rooftop Power Plant at NSIT. Project in charge of NSIT Solar Car concept from 2009, to demonstrate the viability of application of photovoltaic technology in the automotive industry. She has organized National and International Conferences/Seminars/ Workshops/ Exhibitions organized in various capacity.

She is Life member of various learned societies such as Solar Energy Society of India; Indian Chapter of International Centre of theoretical Physics, Italy; Indian Carbon Society, NPL, New Delhi; International Association of Advanced Materials (Sweden), and Institute of Environmental Eco-toxicology and Environmental Sciences, India. Governing council member of Solar Energy Society of India. She is also the Gold member of International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation,Regd by Govt. of India NITI AYOG/ESTD:U/S 35 of 2001,Govt of A.P,India/HQ:Vijaywada,A.P,India.

She has delivered several invited lectures/talks related to Solar Energy Technologies in various educational and research institutions as well as in various national or international conferences and workshops. She has also chaired or co-chaired several sessions in various National or International conferences.


Areas of Interest
  1. Solar Energy Utilization,
  2. Solar Air and Water Heater,
  3. Solar Passive Architecture,
  4. Synthesis and Characterization of Solar Energy Materials,
  5. Solar Cells and Green Technology


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