Pragya Varshney

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  • QualificationsB. E., M. E., Ph. D
  • DesignationAssociate Professor
  • DivisionInstrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Contact No.+91-11-25000196(O)


Dr. Pragya Varshney is Associate Professor in the Division of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. She holds Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering form University of Roorkee (Now, IIT Roorkee), Roorkee, and Master of Engineering in Control and Instrumentation from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. She is Ph. D. from University of Delhi. Before joining NSIT, she was working as Lecturer (Contract) in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Delhi College of Engineering. Her research interests include Signal Processing, VLSI Design and Adaptive Control. She has published her work in various International Journals including IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems – II: Express Briefs. She has also presented her research work in several International IEEE Conferences in India and abroad. She is a member of IEEE since 2004 and life member of ISTE. She is regularly reviewing articles for some International Conferences and has reviewed few journal publications. Currently, she is guiding two Ph. D. research scholars.

Areas of Interest

Signal Processing, VLSI Design, Adaptive Control



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