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  • QualificationsPh.D (Biophysics), A.I.I.M.S
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Sonika Bhatnagar completed her Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral work from Department of Biophysics, AIIMS. She has been involved with the BSE Department since its inception. She has worked towards developing the curricula, laboratories and other infrastructure in the Department. She has 17 years of post Ph.D. research experience and  15 years of teaching experience. She carried out an international consultancy assignment and was awarded the Innocentive solver award for shortlisting of five top therapeutic targets for obesity in 2003. Her work lies in the area of systems biology and structural study of protein -protein interactions as novel drug targets. Collaborative projects have also been established for molecular Biology, drug design & discovery, machine learning, and genomics & proteomics towards cardiovascular disease drug design and study of stress response in bacteria. 

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Areas of Interest

·         Cardiovascular Disease and Bacterial Stress response;

·         Molecular mechanisms of disease and Drug target selection;

·         Drug design and Repurposing. 

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