Department of Electrical and Instrumentation & Control Engineering

General Information

Mission and Vision of EE and ICE Department

Vision of the Department:

To achieve global standards in the field of Instrumentation and Control Engineering to minimize skill gap between academia and industry and to prepare students for make in India objectives.

Mission of the Department:

M1: Imparting quality technical education to young engineers with the supportive environment, preparing them for competitive exams for higher education, employment, and entrepreneural practices.

M2: To confer the young graduates with professional attitude, research aptitude, technical and communication skills with sensitivity towards the environment and society.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1: To equip the students with fundamental knowledge of science and technology to excel in career or pursue higher studies.

PEO2: To inculcate creative, analytical and critical reasoning skills for real world challenges.

PEO3: To contribute to society with professional and social ethics.

PEO4: To instill soft skills, team work skills, leadership qualities and lifelong learning for successful career.

PEO5: To motivate students towards becoming entrepreneurs, collaborators and innovators, leading or participating in efforts to address social, technical and business challenges

Instrumentation is a very broad area in the sense that it has an interdisciplinary character. There is a proliferation of a variety of Instrumentation systems for a variety of purpose.

There is hardly any area of Engineering, Science and Technology where Instrumentation in one form or the other is not needed. As a certain process is becoming more and more automated, the need for a closer monitoring of inputs and responses become more obligatory and the instruments at the component and sub - system levels tend to become more and more integrated. Full cognizance has been taken of this situation while planning instruction in this area. Students do intensive use of microprocessors and Computers to understand the hardware and software aspect of Intelligent Instrumentation.

Started in 1989, this rather young division offers many courses in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering also apart from a variety of courses from Instrumentation Technology, modern control theory, Biomedical Instrumentation, Robotics, Industrial Electronics, Computer Controlled Instrumentation, Artificial Intelligence etc.