Division of Biotechnology

General Information

Division of Biological Sciences and Engineering


To become a globally recognized centre for creating well trained and competent human resource for solving problems in the areas of healthcare, energy and environment through the application of principles of science and engineering in biology.


  1. To create a pool of well trained Interdisciplinary Scientists and Engineers who will generate, disseminate and apply scientific knowledge in serving the needs of society.
  2. Establishment of world class infrastructure for teaching and research in areas of Biological Sciences and Engineering.
  3. Conduction of research in fundamental and multi-disciplinary areas of Biological Sciences and Engineering.
  4. To inculcate sense of responsibility, ethics, inquisitiveness, innovative and entrepreneurship among the graduating students.

Programme Educational Objectives:

This scheme and courses are related to a 4-year degree programme in Biotechnology with following Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs).

  1. To impart extensive and updated knowledge in the basic and advanced aspects of modern biotechnology in order to create well-trained human resource
  2. To create a group of young professionals with skills to investigate and solve the industrial and environmental problems of the present day Biotechnology industry.
  3. To create professionals that can conceptualize as well as create modern tools, products and applications in various sectors of Biotechnology
  4. To create graduates who have a thorough understanding of the financial, social,ethical and intellectual property related issues of today's industry. And are able to successfully apply this understanding in daily practice.
  5. To be able to recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Biotechnology is set to revolutionize human life and the society. It is one among the most dynamic areas of science and engineering today, which represents a synthesis of evolving technologies that will propel the industries towards sustainable development. Today, this growing discipline is poised on the interface of various subjects that contribute to the growth of pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and many other industries.

The Division of Biotechnology was conceived with the aim of creating well-trained human resource to fulfill the growing demand in various sectors of Biotechnology. The Division was started during the academic session 2004-05. The division presently offers a four-year degree programme in B.E. Biotechnology with an intake of twenty students per year. At post-graduate level, Ph.D. degree programme is currently offered. Introduction of M. Tech. courses in future is under consideration. The Faculty members and the students of the Division conduct research in diverse areas of basic and applied biology. These include Microbiology, Cell & Molecular Biology and Structural & Computational Biology. The department has developed necessary facilities and infrastructure to support teaching and research activities.