CodeInfinity - A Challenge to the Programmers

By: NSIT | Posted on: 2015-06-04

IEEE NSIT organized “CodeInfinity – A challenge to the programmers” on 4th & 5th February, 2015. The contest spanned a total of 26 hours, and was hosted on Online DOM Judge HackerRank. Rishul Aggarwal and Anurag Singhal from NSIT secured second and third position respectively.

The contest aimed at promoting NSIT to the national level and encouraging freshers to code. It got over 1000 registrations, reaching out to coders from both India and abroad. It was a unique experience for the problem setters, who were mentored by their seniors.
Among the problem setters were Sikander Mahan and Karandeep S. Bhatia from fourth year, Manraj Singh from third year, Vidur Katyal and Aman Mahajan from second year and Aman Priyadarshini from first year. Accomplished programmers that they already are, managing this contest has only added to their skills.

The positive response to the contest is a good sign for NSIT. Going by the stats, IEEE has definitely achieved the target. With 5000 submissions made over the length of the contest which remained active through the night, it turned out to be a cliffhanger with Rishul bagging the second position during the final hour!

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