HNMUN 2015 - NSIT's Delegation

By: NSIT | Posted on: 2015-06-03

Each year, NSIT sends out a delegation of students to Harvard University to participate in the prestigious Harvard National MUN, which is in its 65th year now.

In 2011, a bunch of MUN enthusiasts from NSIT decided it was time to explore uncharted territories and they sent the first delegation to HNMUN. This has since become a tradition. In fact, NSIT is probably the only Indian college which sends a delegation to HNMUN every year. The fifth delegation from the college comprising of 17 students and led by Karan Chowdhary (3rd year, ECE) will participate in HNMUN 2015 taking place at Mariott Copley Place, Boston from 12th to 15th February, 2015.

The delegation consists of the following members – Suman Hazra, Tanmay Sharma, Aditya Bhandari, Kartikey Singh, Vaishali Sharma, Karan Chowdhary, Shubhankar Chaudhary, Vidushi Vashishth, Annvesha Padhy, Ishan Tewari, Nikhil Hajela, Anshuman Chhabra, Mahima Singh, Rhea Nijhawan, Vasudha Khare, Sushant Bansal and Rishabh Gurbaxani.

We recently interviewed Suman Hazra, one of the 2nd year delegates participating in the conference. Here’s what he had to say.

“It’s a great experience. You get to learn so much. All of us have worked really hard for the last three months and missed a lot of stuff but it’s totally worth it. The exposure, the excitement, the nervousness and the bonds that you form with your teammates last throughout your life.”

We also interviewed Tanmay Sharma, one of the 1st year delegates. He had some amusing things to say, but was particularly excited about this opportunity.

HNMUN to me is like cricket is to MS Dhoni.”

“Training was incredibly rigorous. Almost as rigorous as paying money for lunch if I were late for training. I think I’ve lost more money paying for my team’s lunch than I have lost minutes listening to Taylor Swift’s tunes. But then again, synchronizing uniformly and rigidly against lunch money is one cause for my team’s incredible chemistry.”

“We’re close bonded to each other now. If we had any more bonds, we’d be called EDTA.”

“I expect world class competition in the conference. I know, for one, this competition makes my co-delegate ever so slightly anxious. I, on the other hand, am only excited upon having the opportunity to test my mettle against the best. And my lines upon the beautiful. Hnmun ’15, you’re on!”

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