Dear Technology Leader,

    In the ongoing saga of the digital revolution, the new mantra - Extend and Adapt, has produced ripples of excitement in the industry and academia! Indeed, there is a fresh lease of energy enthusing technology drivers as they make every possible effort to equip more and more people with the technological means to take new initiatives and learn continuously, to reach out and connect, and to realize their full potential at all times. And thereby, stands the fresh challenge for today - build applications and systems that recognize the core element of change - in requirements, data, surrounding context and user preferences; and adapt to the change gracefully, seamlessly.

    The International Conference "Towards Extensible and Adaptable Methods in Computing TEAMC 2018", aims to bring together professionals and students from all parts of the globe on a common platform to address the challenges in different aspects of creating extensible and adaptable systems. A team of dedicated professionals is striving to achieve a high quality technical program with the following tracks:

  • Agile software development - Software development processes must be flexible enough to adapt quickly to the changing expectations and scales of businesses.
  • Data management - There is an ever-exploding nebula of data in the cyberspace that must crystallize into meaningful compendiums of knowledge backing myriad applications.
  • Web intelligence -The web, rife with textual and multimedia content, must be harnessed to gather cogent information.
  • Computing in education: Applications such as e-learning must offer personalized features and adapt to the changing preferences and capabilities of users.
  • Machine learning The world of computing must evolve and learn to sync with human intelligence.

TEAMC 2018 will feature the following components:

  • Regular Technical Sessions
  • Keynote speeches
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Design contest
  • Exhibits

TEAMC-2018 will be hosted by Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, a premier seat of higher learning in technology that attracts the best students to pursue its UG, PG and Doctoral programs. It is spread over a beautifully landscaped campus of 145 acres that houses all facilities.

As a spearheading force in the industry driving forward this revolution, TEAMC-2018 provides just the right platform and visibility to showcase your company, its vision and its technological offerings to a wide spectrum of professionals. Your participation will give an opportunity to nurture the talent pool and spur a collaborative atmosphere necessary for progress.

Kindly see the various sponsorship packages and offers and give us an opportunity to collaborate on this initiative and work together for its success right from the outset.

Yours sincerely
General Chair
Sponsorship Chair
Industry Liaison Chair
Finance Chair   

For detailed information, please see here.